Let's get REAL: Emotional Bullying

PTA Laguna Beach presentation

Here is a talk I gave to the Laguna Beach PTA about Emotional Bullying. Emotional Bullying or as some call it, "relational aggression" is the most common type of bullying that occurs in middle school and high school today.

Just to recap...

The key components of emotional bullying:

1. Intentional

2. Hurtful

Emotional Bullying examples:

  • Talking badly about others
  • Backstabbing one another
  • Making fun of others for who they are, the way they dress or how they look
  • Excluding and ostracizing others
  • Leaving hurtful or mean messages on cell phones, social media, desks and lockers
  • Cyberbullying or shaming others online
  • Intimidating others
  • Using peer pressure to get others to participate in bullying 
  • Establishing rules for anyone who wants to be part of the social group
  • Forming cliques
  • Spreading rumors or engaging in gossip

Signs to look out for if your child/teen is being emotionally bullied:

  1. Feel rejected, socially inept, inadequate, unattractive and unlikable
  2. Suffer from depression
  3. Develop low self-esteem
  4. Experience eating and sleeping disorders
  5. Suffer academically
  6. Struggle to make healthy friendships

If your child/teen is experiencing any of these signs, my parental advice is to practice the "3 E's" to help our child/teen:

1. Empathy

2. Empowerment

3. Engagement

I go into detail for each "E" in the video and talk about WHY emotional bullying happens. I hope this brings you value and creates an action plan to empower yourself and your child/teen.