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  • Ready for a confidence boost?

    Get instant access to building bulletproof confidence in just 5 minutes!

  • We are Certified Life Coaches

    with a focus on Personal Development for young women.



    We created The Real Girl Lifestyle to be a safe space for all girls to:

    develop self awareness...

    navigate challenges...

    learn powerful life skills...

    and build REAL confidence! 


    We have been coaching girls for 10+ years and use a custom-tailored approach with each client that involves self exploration, motivation, goal setting and personal accountability.


    We work with girls who are in:

    Middle School

    High School



  • The coaching process is incredibly powerful & life changing.

    It is an honor and privilege to coach girls to become strong, confident, self-empowered women.


    Join Us!


    Sarah & Jenny

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    Lexi , 16

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    Meredith, 17

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    Hailey, 20

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    These girls are making BIG changes! Will YOU be next?

  • Work with us 1:1

    1. Schedule a complimentary consultation.

    No obligation and completely confidential.

    2. Discuss & Choose your Coaching Package.

    Sarah or Jenny will each explain the package options.

    3. Schedule your first session. You go girl!

    Coaching sessions are 50 minutes and are held online via Facetime.

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    Please use this form for inquiries, and any other questions.


    To schedule a free inquiry call, please use either of the links below.

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